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T4T-SRH is a simple and affordable glossary-driven multiple search & replace tool for translators. It compares a source-language text with the entries in your personal tab-separated glossary for a given client or subject matter and pretranslates your documents by replacing matching source-language strings with the target-language strings. It preserves formatting and works with Microsoft Word (PC and Mac) in any language pair (Roman alphabets). And: it is extremely easy to use. Just load a glossary and click the Translate button. Explore the potential of this tool for your type of work. The sample glossary is especially interesting because it shows you how flexible and customizable T4T-SRH is. SRH has the ability to ignore hidden text, a feature appreciated by users of other CAT tools.


55.00 US


If you like the way T4T-SRH performs, you are invited to buy the unlock code here.

Watch demo movie

Look at a test document being overwritten by T4T-SRH. Check out the subtle details like French quotation marks being replaced, too. Click the screenshot below to watch a demo movie of the tool in action. Press the BACK button to come back here.

T4T-sar screenshot

Download a free T4T-SRH trial version here.


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