A powerful utility that lets you translate PowerPoint files in Word

T4T-SPP exports the content of a PowerPoint presentation into a Word document formatted as a raw table glossary. After you have added the target-language expressions, it will use this glossary to overwrite the source-language text in the entire presentation. Perfect for users who often have to translate PPT files and do not like overwriting them. A beta tester (JCH) confirmed on January 4, 2008, that the (free) EXP component of SPP works with Japanese, too, so it's fair to assume that other non-Roman alphabets are covered. In other words, if you download this tool and DON'T buy it, you can dump the entire content of a PPT file to a Word file. Fair, we think.


$90 (plus VAT in Switzerland)

Watch demo movies

Click the screenshot below to watch a demo movie of the tool in action.

T4T-SPP screenshot
T4T-SP screenshot

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