Creates glossaries 20 times faster than you can type

We developed T4T-GLO for all of our colleagues whose translation memory so far resides under the skull. It is an ingeniously simple glossary-making utility that dramatically expedites the creation of client- or subject-specific glossaries. If you have Word documents with approved terminology in your source and target languages, you can use T4T-GLO to "suck" up that terminology in a breeze. All you need is the mouse and the ESC key. Copies, TAB insertion, pastes and RETURN insertion are automatic!

The tab-separated glossaries compiled by T4T-GLO can be used in the normal way or with T4T-S&R to pretranslate documents for the same client or with the same subject matter.


$55.00 US.


The freely downloadable version is fully functional, but it transforms every other character of your term pairs into question marks. You will quickly see what a valuable power tool this is.

Watch demo movies

Three video clips will show you how T4T-GLO works. Click on the screenshots below to start the demos. Each clip opens in a separate window.

T4T-GLO screenshot 1
T4T-GLO screenshot 2
T4T-GLO screenshot 3

Download a free T4T-GLO trial version here.


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