A utility that converts dates, times and numbers

T4T-DTN is a utility that converts dates, times, and numbers in your source-language documents. The download includes a data file designed for G->E (US) translations but the data can be edited to accommodate any Roman-alphabet language pair. You can customize the data file to suit your needs.

DTN Example:

DTN works inside ordinary Word documents to replace strings like these:

11.4.2002>>April 11, 2002
14.30 Uhr>>2:30 pm
DM 8'322,5 Mio.>>DM 8,322.5 million
Fr. 4.-->>Fr. 4.00 or Fr. 4
7,5 %>>7.5%




The demo version provided here correctly converts dates but transforms all numbers into zero. Test it on a backed up document only! If you like it, come to our shop, buy it and get your unlock code by e-mail 24/7.

Watch demo movie

Click the screenshot below to watch a demo movie of the tool in action.

T4T-DTN screenshot

Download a free T4T-DTN trial version here.


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